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Flipbooks Help Fund Raise for Nonprofits

Posted on: October 28, 2008

Want a creative way to help fund raise at your next nonprofit event?

Well, you are in luck! A Little Scene Flip Books are the ideal interactive attraction at your nonprofit event to raise funds and promote your nonprofits mission. Check out some pictures at other nonprofit events!

We can place your organization’s logo and the support company’s logos on the cover of each flip book. Placing your logo in the hands of all your guests during and after the event. Maybe give the cover a “Call to Action” and have them visit a webpage to see the success of their donation for the flip book in their hand.

For example, A Little Scene Flip Books is supporting The Keep A Breast Foundation on November 6 to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. The event is being promoted as a MojoPages Trunk Show Soiree and proceeds from the flip book studio go directly to The Keep A Breast Foundation. A webpage on our website will be placed on the back of the cover so that each guest can see how much money was raised.

MojoPages Soiree

Nonprofit Fundraiser - MojoPages Trunk Show Soiree

So, if your nonprofit is looking for a creative, fun, and interactive way to make your event more enjoyable – consider having a flipbook studio at your event/fundraiser.


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