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Company Holiday Party Ideas

Posted on: November 4, 2008

Trying to find those perfect company holiday party ideas, like where to hold your party, what’s the party entertainment, and what will be the theme of your company’s holiday party?

Well, it’s already November and we are heading right into the thick of Corporate Holiday Party season and many Human Resource (HR) managers and Company Event Planning Committees are trying to find new, fresh, and fun ideas to ensure that their company holiday party is memorable.

So, we have identified and compiled a list of some unique and in some cases new holiday party ideas to help you make decisions on the location, the entertainment, and some other fun stuff:

Location Ideas

  • A local art museum may add some fun to the event. Look for photo or contemporary art museums.
  • Water front hotels are ideal to allow your employees to stroll around near the water and enjoy your company party.
  • Hotel banquet rooms with a view are great.
  • How about a golf course? Golf courses are great company holiday party locations as they are generally nicer and less busy during evening hours.
  • Boat cruises are fun, but be careful because this may limit your party attendance.
  • If your business is in Irvine, California check-out the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.

Party Entertainment Ideas

  • Get interactive entertainment is our recommendation!
  • Flip book studios are a fun, interactive way to liven up your company holiday party, plus the provide a party favor to all your guests.
  • Photo booths and green screens are fun as well.
  • Casino themes with card game tables are very fun and engaging the entire evening.
  • Get a unique musician for your event. Live bands add some fun and help encourage dancing. But, DJs can help keep the party going.
  • Comedians can definitely add a good hour of entertainment to your event. Just make sure it’s in good taste for your business.

Other Fun Company Holiday Party Ideas

  • Make sure that if your company is planning to provide holiday gifts that your company provides real gifts, not something cheesy!
  • Try a new theme for your holiday party: casino, beach, luau, cruise ship, halloween for the holidays, incorporate a theme from your companies marketing department, the theme list goes on and on.

Also, you may want to strongly consider an event planner to help with your company holiday party ideas. Event planners have access to a wide range of service providers and ideas.


1 Response to "Company Holiday Party Ideas"

These are all great ideas and there are a lot more out there! For years, DJs, Casino parties and even bands have been the old standards, but these start to feel tired year after year.

Corporate comedians are a great way to spice up your event and get your guests laughing, which makes the event memorable and leaves your guests looking forward to next year’s event. But you don’t have to stop there because there’s a whole market of corporate appropriate entertainers ranging from magicians and mentalists to game shows, hypnotists and more.

A good booking agency can help you determine which performer would be a good fit for your event, group and budget.


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