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Macy’s Parade with Flip Books

Posted on: November 21, 2008

To promote the Macy’s Parade, Macy’s is giving away live-action video flip books at select locations nationwide during in-store holiday events. Each flip book features two familiar parade scenes, including Tom the Turkey’s pilgrimage down Broadway and Santa’s gala arrival at Macy’s during the parade’s grand finale. You just flip one side of the book and you will view the Macy’s-branded Tom the Turkey float motoring down Broadway in New York City. Thumb through the other side and you see Santa Claus arriving at Macy’s stores amid waving crowds and falling confetti.

Macy's Parade Flip Books

Macy's Parade - Flip Books

Macy’s is using a flip book of its namesake Thanksgiving Day Parade as a thank you to sponsors of the event, and as a giveaway to kids at select smaller events around the country.

The books, a modern version of the old flip books, use a patent-pending production technique that converts live-action video to flip animation.

About 10,000 books are being handed out: 50% to business partners and 50% to kids.

Flip books were originally invented in 1882 to create the optical illusion of motion when images stacked in sequential stages of movement are flipped.

If you would like to create flip books to promote your company’s event, feel free to contact A Little Scene Flip Books. You make the fun, we will handle the flip book production.


2 Responses to "Macy’s Parade with Flip Books"


that’s neat. where can i get one? i googled everywhere and found flip books, but that’s all i could find. they didnt have any.

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